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Congratulations March 2018 SiteLink Certified Professionals!

Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
Here's a shout-out to all StorageForum users who completed a SiteLink Certified Professional course this past month. Excellent work everyone!

**In these monthly announcements, we're recognizing SiteLink Certified Professionals who are also registered on StorageForum**

Daily Operations Certified March 2018

@Amanda_Robinson, @Angie_DeWall, @Beverly_DeLong, @Braiden_Branstiter, @Brandon_Nelson, @Connie, @CVSSSTORAGE, @Danielle_Campbell, @Devin_Lambert, @Janis_Royse, @Jennifer_Chittum, @Jeny_Kirkland, @Jessica_Kidd@john, @Julie_Ritchie, @Kathleen_Cooper, @Kayon_Bowen, @kellyhammond, @Laura_Chavez, @Leigh_Havins, @Maria_Majors, @Willie_Polk

Advanced Operations Certified March 2018

@Alisha_Moseley, @Amber_Apperson, @Amy_Christopher, @Angie_DeWall, @Beverly_DeLong, @Brenda_Ledingham, @Cassie_Soliz, @Clyde_Lord_Jr, @Janis_Royse, @Jennifer_Chittum, @Jeny_Kirkland, @Julie_Ritchie, @Laura_Chavez, @Louise_DeVolder, @Megan_Bernard, @Priscilla_Dougherty, @Richard_Nhek, @Robyn, @Ryan_Ashby, @Stephanie_Tharpe, @Tiffany_Nichols, @Tioni_Brown, @William_Strahan

Administrator Certified March 2018

@Alisha_Moseley, @Alta_Oprean, @Amber_Apperson, @Amy_Christopher, @Angie_DeWall,, @Ashley_Smith, @Beverly_DeLong, @Brenda_Ledingham, @Cassie_Soliz, @Dave_Tomforde, @DeeL, @Erik_Bell, @Janis_Royse, @Jeny_Kirkland, @Julie_Ritchie, @Karen_Knowles, @Laura_Chavez, @Louise_DeVolder, @Luisa_Lopez, @lynn, @Megan_Bernard, @Phyllis_Stovall, @Regina_Brown, @Richard_Martinez, @Richard_Nhek, @Robert_Kindred, @Ruby_Chacon, @Ryan_Ashby, @Shannon_Barr, @Sharon_Byrd, @Shawan_Allen, @Stephanie_Tharpe, @Stephen_Rodriguez, @Tiffany_Nichols, @William_Strahan
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