International Students Fill Up Kelowna Storage Lockers [Article]

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In a few weeks, hundreds of international students will make their way to Space Centre Storage to fill storage lockers with books, TV's, and winter coats for the summer. As part of a growing trend of increased enrolment of international students from abroad, the Kelowna self-storage company has built dozens more locker units to accommodate students' needs.
"We have definitely seen a significant increase in international students using our storage lockers in recent years," says Yvonne Rogers, operations manager, Space Centre Storage. Such an increase, that in January, Space Centre built nearly 70 new storage locker units for the "spring rush" of international students about to place their things in storage before boarding planes and flying home for the summer. Rogers estimates Space Centre provides summer storage to almost 350 international students studying in Kelowna. Because of its close proximity to the campus of University of British Columbia-Okanagan, Space Centre has become a convenient storage solution that quickly follows spring exams.

 "Students in dorms have to move out the day of their last exam, which can be a stressful time so we try to make it as easy as possible for them by allowing them-or their parents-to reserve a locker online...[Continue Reading]

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