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WEBINAR Q&A: How will the Internet of Everything impact the self-storage industry?

Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
edited May 2018 in Industry Webinars
Below is the list of Answers to the Questions asked during the May 23, 2018 Industry Webinar with Jon Loftin of OpenTech Alliance. If you missed the webinar you may watch it on-demand from the SiteLink website.

Q. Do I need to convert my existing access control and/or purchase new keypads, etc that work with a cloud based system? How difficult is this?
A. It is very easy to replace existing systems. The INSOMNIAC CIA system can use existing cables or operate via a wireless mesh network. Most existing keypads used in the self-storage market are made so they can’t be integrated and could potentially have security risks. The CIA keypad uses an organic LED display which is much brighter than older LCD technology, includes the beacon that can be used by the Storage Genie tenant app, and has design features that it make it easy to install.

Q. Do you still need a keypad at the facility if you’re using all of this technology?
A. No, however we feel keypads are going to be a requirement for the next few years until more people adopt mobile phones and technology. We need to accommodate all types of customers as we introduce them to these new technologies, and many people still expect and are only comfortable with a keypad at this time.

Q. Would customers (tenants) have access to the video?
A. No, the video is only viewed by the owner, operator and virtual security team. However, with advances and changes in technology, in the future it is possible you may be able to put a device inside your unit and view video.

Q. I like the beacon technology for walk-in activity accountability. Is that currently available and does it connect to CIA (Centralized Intelligent Access)?
A. Beacon technology is very exciting and there are many ways you can use it. For example, Google uses beacons that tie into a person’s mobile app. Currently, CIA uses motion sensing and contacts to be able to detect a person coming to the door.

Q. Is voice-activated technology be safe from hackers?
A. Security is a huge issue these days and we take it very seriously. We took this into account when we developed this system. Most voice-activated technology uses token-based authentication where the password randomly changes to make it more secure. The bigger risk in the industry is with older PC-based technology where data is not encrypted, or data is sent over the Internet without encryption.

Q. Can you elaborate on more specific examples of revenue-generating opportunities?
A. With decentralized data, you really don’t know how often your customers are coming in and out of the property. When you are able to track that, you can bring that data into your revenue management program. Then, you can be more selective about who you want to push rent.
You can also use historical data to help predict when people are going to move out. If you identify these trends early enough, you can start marketing those earlier and at a faster pace.

Q. Do you have to replace all your video equipment in order for AI (Artificial Intelligent) video to work?
A. No. You can use your existing cameras and DVRs, which as how this technology was shown in the presentation. You don’t have to replace this equipment unless you have another reason to change out.

Q. In the scenario you showed in your presentation, is someone monitoring that video 24/7?
A. It’s similar to how you might have your house monitored. With the virtual security team, there is a monthly charge for video monitoring. They can work with the owner on establishing a protocol (active or passive) based on when the office is closed but tenants can still come on-site. During those times, the security team can interact via voice. This gives the customer reassurance that someone is watching what’s going on, and may also deter people from coming and breaking in.

Q. Are unit locks from OpenTech already in use? Is there a price point per unit?
A. We do not manufacture our own unit locks at this time. We are, however, watching the evolution of the technology. As it keeps changing, the cost is going to come down to functionality. At OpenTech, we are making sure we understand what needs to be accomplished and get it at the best price point. We hope to offer it at around $75 per door.

Q. What is built, tested and operating without issue at this point?
A. The INSOMNIAC CIA Access Control is fully functional and has been installed at properties all across the country for over a year. The Storage Genie tenant mobile app for both Android and Apple devices is available. HVAC and Alexa integration should be available by June.

Q. What management software is supported today, and what is planned in the future?
A. SiteLink is integrating the INSOMNIAC API into SiteLink Web Edition. This will allow you to perform a lot of access/security operations directly in SiteLink in addition to having access to the data. The INSOMNIAC CIA system interfaces with other software. I would suggest contacting your Business Development Manager at OpenTech for more information.

Q. How do I get started in smart-connecting my facility?
A. The first step is to install a cloud-based access control system. Reach out to one of the Business Development Managers at OpenTech Alliance and we will get you rolling.


  • Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭

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