Congratulations May 2018 Certified Professionals!

Sue_C Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
Welcome forum users who are now SiteLink Certified Professionals! We're glad you discovered our free, self-paced online courses.

Whether you're learning brand new skills or brushing up on prior knowledge, we hope you'll find the training helpful and rewarding. Excellent job everyone!

**In these monthly announcements, we're recognizing SiteLink Certified Professionals who are also registered on StorageForum**

New SiteLink Certified Professionals:

Daily Operations Certified May 2018

@Adriana_Guillen, @Alison_Ramsey, @Amber_Geddings, @Amy_Loveland, @Barb_Cummins, @Darlene_Ayson, @Dora_ Massey, @Elizabeth_Perez, @Heather_Scott, @Jacqueline_Kerik, @Jody_Michael, @Julie_Paladino, @kgonza, @Laura_Rogers, @Lianne_Ricciarelli, @Linda_Ross, @M&M_Kuffler, @Maria_Struebing, @Mary_Fischer, @Mary_Grace_Reyes, @Nicholas_Palmer, @Nicole_Carney, @Pam_Wintrode, @Patricia_Almeida, @Richard_Colwell, @Robert_Younger, @Savannah_Fristoe, @Stephanie_Scruggs, @Stephen_Ng, @Taylor_Alcala, @Thomas_Henn, @Tim_Dow, @Tonya_Chambliss, @topflightmkt

Advanced Operations Certified May 2018

@Amy_Loveland, @Barb_Cummins, @carriekennedy, @Darlene_Ayson, @Jody_Michael, @John_Oates, @Joshua_McMurray, @Lianne_Ricciarelli, @Lisa_Sangara, @Nicholas_Palmer, @Patricia_Almeida, @Sandra_Pedersen, @Stephen_Ng, @Tim_Dow, @Tonya_Chambliss

Administrator Certified May 2018

@Amanda_Hansis, @Amy_Loveland, @Darlene_Ayson, @f3rittany, @Jody_Michael, @Lianne_Ricciarelli, @Patricia_Almeida, @Sandra_Peder@Tony_Corpron

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