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New Map Feature in myHub

AmpleAmple NCRegistered User
 I was anxiously awaiting the new myHub map in this latest upgrade and it has arrived. Great work!  However as I use it I am finding that the load time for the map feature is quite long. Functionality using map features within the map is also very slow. Do you anticipate changes in this feature that might allow for faster load times from your end. Can you offer any suggestions for improving load times? I am not so much concerned with a single snapshot but actually using the features withing map that improve load time. I currently use an IPAD Pro on 5G networks in the office and at home. I am sure cellular Data Transfer Speeds could be an issue off network. Thanks


  • Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    Glad you like the new 3D Map @Ample, it really is pretty cool and very powerful. 

    Thanks for the input, and sorry to hear you have loading issues.

    Have you tried the map in Chrome? You may see better performance, we recommend using it for your browser.

    The new 3D map involves real-time rendering, and performance is very much based on your device specs. For example, on a "newer" computer with typical specs the map loads in around 2-3 seconds. 

    And like all new software features, there may be a few bumps as it's in beta version. The team is working to optimize the map for efficient performance on computers with minimal speed and older models as well. Stay tuned for enhancements on this front. 

    Thanks for posting.

    Anyone else tried the new 3D map in myHub?
  • AmpleAmple NCRegistered User
    Sue, thank you. I loaded Chrome onto my IPAD Pro and you are right. The loads are much faster though I am still being asked to reload on occasion.  Might I suggest Sitelink modify the map color shades for labeled units. The "scheduled" and "vacant" are too similar in color. I would suggest Green for Vacant (ie., ready to 'GO') and maybe a variation of purple for "scheduled" and possibly yellow for "reserved".  Just a few thoughts from a well traveled myHub user..
  • AmpleAmple NCRegistered User
    All we need now is a turn key solution ie., wifi bridges or repeaters to enable access to myHub inside metal buildings!
  • Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Ample, glad it's working better for you. There is some discussion going on already internally about colors, not sure how it's going to pan out but you may see tweaks on that end.
    Also, stay tuned for 3D Map integration with your website, coming soon !
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