SiteLink Expands Headcount, Strengthens Customer Focus [Press Release]

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Expect more new features, software updates as SiteLink steps up hiring
SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is pleased to announce the expansion of its customer support and development teams. Hiring in client-focused departments underscores SiteLink’s continued emphasis on service and dedication to customers and commitment to cutting-edge self-storage management software.

  • Additional in-house support staff ensures continued customer success
  • New Client Onboarding team streamlines conversions of legacy systems and helps owners opening new stores
  • Expect more feature rollouts, software updates with expanded Development team
Commitment to customer success, retention reinforced
As part of its pledge to advance growth and continually improve its industry-leading customer service, SiteLink recently added 4 Client Support Representatives to raise that department’s staff count to 27.

SiteLink firmly believes in on-site, highly trained technical specialists as the bedrock for growth and cultivating relationships with customers. After converting more than 15,000 stores, SiteLink has a proven approach to train customers for success and then providing ongoing support.

“We differ from other tech support offices you may see in this business,” said Eric Lewis, SiteLink’s Customer Support Manager. “We never outsource, and we train all employees to listen carefully to each situation, ask the right questions and in the end provide superior customer service.”

Introducing new Client Onboarding team for optimal service
SiteLink is pleased to launch its “white glove” service for new and existing customers at the time of conversion to the software. The brand-new Client Onboarding team, consisting of 5 seasoned SiteLink Customer Service personnel, will complete all aspects of conversions and new-store setup before handing the customer off to tech support.

The direct, personalized customer assistance highlights SiteLink’s core belief in providing excellent service.

Development, QA staff to hammer out new features, more updates at rapid pace
SiteLink also added 4 Software Developers and 2 Quality Assurance Specialists as part of its commitment to fast-tracking new features and software updates.

“We are now poised to add several more features to myHub,” said Ross Lampe, SiteLink’s President. “Important tools, menus and workflow options customers enjoy in Web Edition are now far along in the myHub pipeline. Adding developers and quality assurance staff makes this happen very quickly.”

Because Web Edition is cloud-based, the software is easily updated for all customers as new features are available. Major rollouts are pre-announced; update details are posted for customers and communicated via email.

Continuing to advance software to benefit self-storage industry
An award-winning industry leader, SiteLink software has been serving the self-storage industry for over 20 years. Offering cutting-edge technology, choice and software integrations with technology partners have always been a priority. With this additional staff and an influx of resources, SiteLink projects significant growth over the next two years.

“Thanks to our dedicated employees, this company has grown exponentially over the past 10 years,” said Lampe. “As we continue to evolve with technology and help customers succeed, our goal is to add staff to maintain momentum. We are committed to the success of our customers. At the end of the day, this is what SiteLink is all about.”

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