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Article Contributions by: Tony Johnson - Director of Sales at

5 ways to create a successful online storage auction

Launching an online storage auction may seem daunting, but it is well worth the time and effort. SiteLink integration helps make it all happen smoothly and easily. integrates with the SiteLink API to create a seamless automated online auction posting experience. The integration works behind the scenes to simplify the debt recovery process and free up facility inventory. Management software integration reduces the workload for you and your management team.

Here are a few key strategies to help ensure a successful online storage auction:

1. Get Great Pictures

Make sure you take great pictures of the visible contents of the unit! People interested in bidding in online storage auctions are looking for great deals: either items they can use or, more likely, items they can sell for significant financial gain. Include:

  • Well-lit, sharp pictures allowing bidders to focus on key details

  • Close-ups of interesting items

  • Images that display as much of the unit contents as possible

2. Offer Clear Descriptions

Make descriptions as accurate as possible--you don't want to falsely advertise the contents of the unit. Use key words that will interest searchers and convince them to bid on the auction. Use compelling descriptions of the unit contents and visible items.

3. Timing is Everything

You'll need clear start and end dates for bidders to find out exactly when they can expect a unit to be available–and when they need to rush to get in those critical last-minute bids.

If you've got more than one unit up for auction at the same time, stagger the closing time by 5 to 10 minutes to allow plenty of time for bidders to check out more than one auction.

Make sure the auction closes during business hours to give the buyer plenty of time to communicate with you.

Avoid having the auction close on weekends or holidays. You'll get better bids on weekdays when people are at their desks and ready to do business.

4. Post Early

The earlier you post your auction, the more awareness you can build about it. If you know the legal sell date on a unit is coming up, go ahead and start posting about it. You want to raise as much awareness as possible so more people will come in to bid. You never know, you might even be able to start a bidding war!

5. Keep It Organized

Following the auction, winning bidders should be notified immediately via email. Be clear about how payment will be accepted. Will you take PayPal or other online payment methods, or do you insist on a credit card? What is the acceptable window for payment after the winning bidder is notified? Be sure to leave time for the bidder to receive the message even if they're away from the computer when the auction ends.

Good luck! And remember, online auctions have so many benefits--especially convenience with quick results—and modern technology allows you to successfully post and sell a unit without all the hassles associated with auction day.

Article Contributions by: Tony Johnson - Director of Sales at

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