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I noticed an online reservation over the weekend that was for a unit that was already reserved.  The original reservation was entered in Lead to Lease on 7/9 with a needed date of 7/16 and expiration on 8/8/18.  How did that happen? 


  • teamcapitola
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    edited July 2018

    I have had that exact same thing happen; Sitelink will allow a reserved unit to be "double-booked".

    Its a huge pain when it happens.....or it can be a sales opportunity to contact the client and sell them another unit?

    The way around it is to go into the unit -- click "Modify Unit" --- then click the "Exclude from Website" checkbox. This prevents it from being reserved online (doesn't matter if it's available or reserved, this will prevent it from being seen or rented online).

    We have just gotten used to doing this with popular sizes or when a reservation comes in.

  • brandim156
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    So this has been an issue for at least 5 years and sitelink has still not done anything about it? Customers assume a reservation mean it is a secured transaction and get upset when it is not really available. Can Something please be done to fix this issue?
  • storable_support
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    SiteLink itself does not prevent double-booking. Instead, it provides the information through the API so that each user can decide how they want to handle reservations. When UnitTypePriceList is called, SiteLink provides the counts of vacant units and existing reservations. If you would like to prevent double-bookings, you'll want to check whether existing reservations < vacant units and present other options to tenants when fully booked. This can be arranged with your website provider.

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