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8/15 Webinar/Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Stephanie_PelskiStephanie_Pelski NATheStorageGroup Moderator, ClickandStor Moderator
Just wanted to let you all know about an exciting upcoming Webinar on Progressive Web Apps (presented by The Storage Group).

Wednesday August 15, 1PM EST
30 minutes

Studies show that Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are 50% faster than traditional apps. 

Beat Google's algorithm and stay high in rankings with the fastest mobile platform yet! 

Expand your storage facility to the world of Progressive Web Apps. 

 Key Takeaways:
-Understand demand for mobile and shopping cart features
-Learn how traditional apps take away from facility and tenant experience
-Explore how latest technology from Google can give your facility a competitive edge
-How to unleash a pool of conversions and revenue off a PWA website platform
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