Forum Users Newly Certified! August 2018

Sue_C Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭

Congratulations to all the forum users who achieved SiteLink Certified Professional status in one or more of the SCP courses. WAY to GO!

The brand new myHub course received loads of new students and certifications - some users chose just that one course, and some have continued on to the myHub course after finishing the other 3. 

SiteLink has made the SCP coursework very flexible - you take the courses in any order - anytime, anywhere. However the training fits into your schedule, we make it work for you!

Hope you are all enjoying the SCP courses and have found them to be helpful in your day-to-day work :)

So without further are the August 2018 Certified Professionals - Congrats to everyone.

August 2018 Certified in Daily Operations

@Aaron_Stukey, @Adam_Morris, @Alan_Sim, @Aleyna_Mitchell, @Alisha_Carder, @Amy_Payne, @Anthony_Sanchez, @Arnel_Santos, @Barbara_Perkins, @Bea_Ogdon, @Ben_Gillespie, @Bill_Hurley, @Bruce_Gray, @Burney_Campbell, @Carmen_Prado, @Carol_Cobb, @Cheryl_Hutching, @Christina_Rucker, @Chrystal_Cole, @Daniel_Scruggs, @Debi_Beck, @Devin_Johnson, @Diane_Boyer, @Doniesha_Davis, @Erik_Lorensen, @Gia_Walcutt, @Jamie_Mather, @Jamie_VanDusen, @Janine_Lascelles, @jayjay, @Jayme_Esgar, @Jennifer_Aguilar, @Jennifer_Neve, @june, @Kelly_Butler, @Kristy_Thompson, @Kyle_Newbern, @Lisa_McKee, @Lisa_McKnight, @Melinda_Justice, @Michael_Myerson, @Mickjb74, @Paula_Jones, @Rachel_Gonzalez, @Randolph_Smith, @Rhonda_McCullar, @Sara_Sullivan, @Tamatha_Smith, @Teresa_Bryant, @Tina_Sinise, @Tyller_Nichols

August 2018 Certified in Advanced Operations

@Adam_Morris, @Alan_Sim, @Anthony_Sanchez, @Arnel_Santos, @Barbara_Perkins, @Bea_Ogdon, @Ben_Gillespie, @Bill_Hurley, @Bruce_Gray, @Carmen_Prado, @Christina_Rucker, @Daniel_Scruggs, @Danielle_Campbell, @Diane_Boyer, @Doniesha_Davis, @EdgewoodAveN, @Jayme_Esgar, @june, @Kathryn_Reed, @Kelly_Butler, @Kristy_Thompson, @Kyle_Newbern, @Linda_Ross, @Lisa_McKnight, @lynda, @Melinda_Justice, @Mickjb74, @osbourne615, @Rachel_Gonzalez, @robin1963, @Tamatha_Smith

August 2018 Certified in Administrator

@Adam_Morris, @Anthony_Sanchez, @Bill_Hurley, @Brandon_Morton, @Connie, @Daniel_Scruggs, @Jayme_Esgar, @john, @Kristy_Thompson, @lynda, @Melinda_Justice, @osbourne615, @Rachel_Gonzalez, @Rachel_Sekinger, @Scott_Amaro, @Tamatha_Smith

August 2018 Certified in SiteLink myHub 

@87ambie, @Adam_Morris, @Anthony_Sanchez, @ASPTU, @Brianna_Mickens, @Christa_Gray, @Connie, @Daniel_Scruggs, @Doc, @Doniesha_Davis, @dpiazza2430, @Elizabeth_Babyak, @GradyB, @Hope_Roche, @Irene_Pace, @Janine_Lascelles, @Jayme_Esgar, @Jimmie_Stewart, @Kathryn_Reed, @Kelley_Dvorak, @Kristy_Thompson, @Kyle_Newbern, @Marc_Triplett, @Marjii_Middleton, @Meri_Gulkis, @Monica_Lozada, @Pam_Miller, @Rachel_Gonzalez, @Rachel_Sekinger, @Regina_Brown, @Roberta_Gordica, @Ronischulze, @Sandy_Shoffner, @Southlake, @Steven_Hill, @storeall, @Tamatha_Smith, @teamcapitola, @Trenton_Williams


  • Roberta_Gordica
    Roberta_Gordica Registered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭

    Thank you Sue.

    Congratulations to all who took the course.  Awesome job. :)

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