SiteLink Integrates with OpenTech’s INSOMNIAC CIA Cloud Access Control [Press Release]

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Cloud-based access control streamlines gate access functions

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is pleased to announce a new and seamless software integration with OpenTech Alliance INSOMNIAC Centralized Intelligent Access (CIA) gate access solution. This industry-first partnership delivers smooth, reliable 24/7 gate control to owners and operators via secure, flexible cloud-based infrastructure.


SiteLink management software plus INSOMNIAC CIA cloud-based access eliminates dependence on local, PC-based gate softwareGate access functions performed seamlessly right in SiteLink anytime, anywhereSiteLink primed to incorporate new gate technologies from all Marketplace partners as they become available

Next-level, hassle-free gate access is here

With the gate or entry system software no longer running on the computer at a storage location, potential issues such as power outages and computer crashes are no longer in the picture. Cloud-based access systems can operate without PCs at the store by communicating with the SiteLink cloud via the SiteLink API. In addition, CIA Access Control is designed to incorporate the latest encryption and token-based technologies for all communications, offering superior security and therefore peace of mind to owners and tenants.“Evolution of access systems into the cloud is a natural trend that follows management software and self-storage technology as a whole,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Client Advocate. “With CIA’s API now communicating directly with SiteLink’s cloud-based management software, owners enjoy the most sophisticated option for their access control. We are excited to integrate our cloud systems to deliver flexibility and security to owners and tenants. It really is a win-win for everyone.”

Operations performed directly in SiteLink

With this first integration release, property managers and owners can seamlessly perform access control functions directly inside of SiteLink – new rentals, move-outs, change access codes, lockout delinquent customers, make edits, updates, as well as the ability to transfer units and tenants – without the need for multiple programs. Status updates are always in real-time. For example, with no need to wait for separate gate software to receive updates, delinquent tenants who make a payment can access their units faster.“We’re extremely excited about this new integration,” said Jon Loftin, VP & Open Tech Internet of Everything (IoE) Product Owner. “It’s a simple yet high-tech solution that resolves many of the pain points we hear about in the self-storage industry, and we are proud to be part of this innovation.”

Ready for the future

SiteLink continues to invest in features and technology that deliver more options and flexibility to customers. SiteLink’s architecture is in place and ready to accommodate upcoming gate technologies as they become available. Other cloud-access integrations for SiteLink Marketplace partners, such as SpiderDoor and BearBox, were available earlier this year.

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