Know any good storage spaces in Mississauga

My friend has been working in a hospital for the past 10 years as an x-ray technician. Now he wishes to start up a clinic of his own. The construction work of the clinic is in progress. He has cleared all the legal formalities for starting up the clinic. He has ordered the equipment and has also started recruiting technicians too. He was expecting the construction work to complete by now. He has the delivery dates of the equipment this week. One of the equipment got delivered this week. So, he had to store it at home. But he is thinking to store it in a self-storage unit as keeping it at home is not good. He has a medical equipment transport group who is ready to transport the equipment. But he doesn’t really know of any good storage spaces. He has been searching online for the same. So, if anyone knows of any good storage space in Mississauga, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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