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Forum users newly certified! October 2018

Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭

Congratulations to all StorageForum users who completed one or more SCP (SiteLink Certified Professional) courses this past month.
We have lots of new experts, hat's off to all of you!

Forum users Daily Operations Certified – October

@Alex_Oppenheimer, @Amy441, @Brandon_Kramer, @David_Deems, @Diane_Valentine, @Dora_Cabaco, @Hannah_Hale, @Jay_Bell, @Jonathan_Ramos, @Jordan_Cox, @Lillian_Hardbower, @Lisa_Sirianno, @LMiller, @Mandy_Stephens, @Maria_Hernandez, @Megan_Eason, @Nolan_Mosley, @outospacepb, @Rs4u, @Samantha_Carlson, @Sandra_Grange, @Scott_Stillwell, @sreece2010, @Tom_Francuz, @Tracey_Framke, @unikorn

Forum users Advanced Operations Certified – October

@Alex_Oppenheimer, @Amy441, @Diane_Valentine, @Dora_Cabaco, @Jay_Bell, @jayjay, @Mecca_Stewart, @Megan_Eason, @Randolph_Smith, @Scott_Stillwell, @Tracey_Framke, @unikorn

Forum users Administrator Certified – October

@Amy441, @Dora_Cabaco, @unikorn

Forum users myHub Certified – October

@Amy441, @Cathryn_Mullican, @Dora_Cabaco, @Dorri_Spoto, @kenmore, @TVSSJoe, @unikorn

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