How can this be?

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I have been told by one of your salesmen that Storage Treasures updates and populates its information at midnight, NOT when a unit is added to the auction process. This makes setting up a unit for auction a 2 day process. This can't be right? Why wouldn't it link immediately? This makes linking SiteLink and Storage Treasures pointless. 


  • AlanKeller
    AlanKeller NJRegistered User ✭✭
    No response StorageTreasures?
  • chelsealhorne
    chelsealhorne AZRegistered User
    edited December 2018
    Hi Alan,

    I apologize for the delay, we were not notified of this question via the forum. For quicker response please reach out to our team directly and we'd be happy to help out!

    You are correct, the StorageTreasures' Sitelink Import feature pulls all units marked for auction into the Facility Manager's account nightly. When this was designed we we learned from our customers that the unit is typically marked for auction long before they actually post it online. Since the lien process takes some time, an auction is scheduled around day 61 but not posted online until day 77 (2 weeks prior to sale). This means the unit will be sitting the in import section for at least a couple weeks before it is accessed by the manager.

    *This is the average of course, there may be some exceptions when a manager wants to post much sooner.

    Part of the reason for pulling it nightly is because we do cross-referencing on auctions already posted using the Import Feature; to prevent user error we do not import the same units that were already activated, or units that recently sold. We do re-import auctions that were canceled in case a tenant's payment arrangement falls through so they can quickly re-activate it. Our system also refreshes the information nightly so details like tenant info, balance due, lock tag, etc. gets updated prior to it going live. 

    When we designed the feature we had the customer in mind! Our goal is to reduce the liability that is brought on by lien sales and the more automation and intelligence we can support the better. We have lots of ideas and feature improvements in our development backlog. One in particular which will improve the process is a  manual "sync" option. With this feature, we will continue the nightly import/refresh but if a customer wants to log in and sync their auctions they could. I do not have an ETA since we are still in the discovery stages but the positive feedback we have received makes this a high priority item. No matter how often it is done, manual or automated we still have to pull data, a real-time set of auction units would require Sitelink to push data and to my knowledge they do not do this for any of the online storage auction platforms. 

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and feedback, we are always interested in hearing from our customers and partners in the industry. Reach out to us anytime! 

    Chelsea Horne 
    Product Owner / OpenTech Alliance
    (480) 397-6503
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