Forum users newly certified November 2018!

Sue_C Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
Congratulations to all forum users for earning certifications in one or more of our popular SiteLink Certified professional courses! Looks like many of you are taking advantage of our latest course in SiteLink myHub. We are always pleased to offer training in the latest SiteLink features! For even more training and answers to common questions about SiteLink software and its powerful features and tools, check out our FAQs.

Now without further ado, here are the latest:

Forum Users Certified November 2018 in Daily Operations:

@Alan_Lawson, @Albert_Long, @Ashley_Durso, @bacirclestorage, @Bayden_Bell, @Bernitra_Smith, @Bryan_Bridges, @Holly_Koch, @Janet_Bandas, @Jeff_Gade, @Jennifer_Hartlief, @johnbush, @Julie_Spradlen, @Kathy_Stewart, @Kendra_Thompson, @Macauley_Moffatt, @moveit, @Myles_Curl, @Paula_O'Brien, @Rasheeda_Adair, @Rebecca_Ocean, @RishayK, @Sabrina_Slover, @Sandy_Bertha, @Shauna_Quint, @Stan_Moody, @Susan, @themage, @Theresa_Tubbs, @Virginia_Kincaid

Forum Users Certified November 2018 in Advanced Operations:

@Ashley_Durso, @Bayden_Bell, @Holly_Koch, @Juli_Barrie, @Kendra_Thompson, @Macauley_Moffatt, @Shauna_Quint, @themage, @white

Forum Users Certified November 2018 in Administrator:

@Ashley_Durso, @Avery_Lyles, @Jeff_Gade, @jgodbout, @Leigh_LeVoy, @Linda_Ross, @Pam_Miller, @RishayK, @Shauna_Quint, @themage

Forum Users Certified November 2018 in myHub:

Cameron_Nichols, @Carissa_Jenkins, @Damon_Rexroad, @Diego_Cazares, @Greg_Garcia, @Ken_Green, @moveit, @Shauna_Quint, @Susan, @themage

Keep up the good work everyone!

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