Drumming in the unit


I have had a potential customer reach out to see if he could rent one of our units with the purpose of practicing playing the drums in the unit. His wife doesn’t want him playing them in the house.

On face value, I don’t see any significant issue with renting him a unit beyond a slight nuisance for any customers who are here when he is practicing. But I wanted to check with others in case you see an issue that hasn’t crossed my mind. 

Would you rent to him?


  • Faye
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    edited January 2019
    A few questions come to mind. Will his buddies be hanging out and possibly drinking while he is playing? How close are you to homes or other business? How close will he be to the office?
    CVSSSTORAGE Registered User, Daily Operations Certified ✭✭✭✭
    It would also depend for me how long each day he is going to be doing this. I wouldn't have an issue if it was going to be an hour or two a week but every day for a few hours would be a big nope for me
  • Orkocean
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    Been there, done that.. actually ended up with multiple bands having units due to the first one and word spreading. I personally didn't mind it as we had them "trained" to keep it down when customers were around. They even attempted to soundproof the unit and would roll the door down in a non climate unit during a Texas summer in the heat to try and prevent noise. Unfortunately as a business standpoint it was a nuisance, we had phone call complaints from nearby apartments, police called out *who ended up actually jamming with them, fun of having half the force store with you lol*. We were an independent facility at the time, once we got bought out by a major company all of the bands were kicked out. The one rental just isn't worth the possible headaches you may encounter from other customers.

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