How do I waive a late fee from the previous month.

white Registered User, Advanced Operations Certified
I had a tenant transfer to another unit. His credit was applied and his balance was 7.18.  He is on auto draft so I told him it would pick up balance when I did the auto draft.  It added a 20.00 late fee and now it wont let me remove it.

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  • AnitaJohnson1269
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    If the payment already has processed and had the daily close completed, like @skinman states, it can't be undone and would need to issue a credit.  If you see the late charge before taking a payment, that's when you should be able to remove it on the edit charges part. 
    Sorry if I was confused. 


  • AnitaJohnson1269
    AnitaJohnson1269 Registered User ✭✭✭✭
    If you go to payments, then after opening unit, hit the edit charges & payments, highlight the late charge line and down at the bottom left there should be a dropdown menu "remove late fee".  If it does not let you, then your security level is restricted and would need corporate or admin to fix it or adjust your security restrictions. 
  • skinman
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    Also keep in mind that once a charge is applied and a daily close is performed you cannot delete the charge... If this is the case simply give him a credit for the late fee, 
  • white
    white Registered User, Advanced Operations Certified
    I am not showing a dropdown and I have called for a week and cant get through.  Left voice mail and sent email and have not heard anything
  • jojo
    jojo Registered User
    @White been there with customer service . we have to constantly call them they rarely return 

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