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I'm shocked to see the forums have been a little slow as usually when I come in on Wednesday after being off my two days I see quite a few new posts to catch up on but today there wasn't much so I figured why not post something that would get some debates and stir the pot up :smile:       Please be civil to everyone and respect their opinions as everyone is entitled to their own.  Now on to a interesting hypothetical i've always pondered, especially after a manager chased someone at 4am on his property last week. If anyone has real world stories regarding this and how it turned out i'd be interested in hearing them. 

As a resident manager you live where you work, most of us i'm sure have our facility address on our drivers license if you've been at the site long enough. Now let's say you are a person who owns guns and you catch a thief in the night on property and your intention is to call the cops and hold them at gunpoint until the cops arrive to arrest them. Maybe they have a weapon and threaten you or actually try to harm you and a shooting occurs on site. Does the fact you live on site qualify the same as if you were a home owner and shot someone breaking in to your house? 


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    I would say yes, since it is your place of residence.  I would check the defense laws for your state.  We have a castle law....  where ever you are (work, parking lot, sidewalk) it is your castle and you have the right to defend you AND your property. 
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    I'm with @AnitaJohnson1269 … and I agree, it has been slow on the forum.

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     Kentucky is one of several states where a person does not have the duty to retreat if being unlawfully attacked.  You can use force to defend yourself from an attacker when in places and situations that you are legally allowed to be
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    I know this isn't answering the question, but to your subject, we're not permitted to have firearms in our apartments. I understand where the owners concerns stem from somewhat, but I don't think it's necessarily fair that they can forbid us from protecting ourselves, especially these days where drugs have become such an epidemic that you're bound to get robbed at some point. Drug dealers are now using their young "protégés" to take all the risk by doing the crime and these young ones have been raised so poorly that they're numb to feelings or emotion. They have NO problem pulling the trigger and never looking back. 

    I've been in this business for a very long time, and fortunately have never been robbed until a couple years ago. I'll tell ya, it was an awful experience and one I hope to never go through again. These punks cut through the fence in the back of the facility and went to each hallway (out of sight) and any unit that didn't have a disc lock, they popped the lock and took whatever they could find out of the nearly 70 units they entered in just under 3 hours.

    After the day from Hell, when I attempted to sleep (yeah, right!) all I could think was how much of a close call this was. And, how much worse it could have been. After watching the video footage, we realized these punks exited the property SEVEN MINUTES prior to my husband waking for work. All I could ) think of was how this could have been a totally different conversation today. I could be a widow. Needless to say, we have a different thought process when it comes to this and if we see/hear any suspicious activity in the middle of the night, I'll do what I can from the safety of my home, and won't be walking out there to confront someone. Nope! Prior to this happening, we were so naïve, never thought this could/would happen. We would have been out there without batting an eye if we thought something was off. Not anymore. Especially after hearing what the detectives had to say about the perps once they were (thankfully) caught. They probably would have shot us on sight and not thought twice about it. Well, I'm grateful that didn't happen, I'm much more cautious and "aware" of things now. Not paranoid by any means, just more realistic with what our world has become, and wish I could have a small gun to protect myself and my family. Instead, I got some pepper spray and silent alarm on my keychain. Better than nothing.

    I think we should get hazard pay, lol!

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    I am not a resident mgr, however our other location has one. We have the Stand Your Ground law in TX and our bosses have actually discussed getting our concealed carry license for us! So whether we are on property, in office, or living upstairs, we will be able to properly defend ourselves if it were to ever come to that...besides our panic button in office, but c'mon, that's just a button; it's not going to stop someone right then and there ;)
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    Oh how I miss my hometown @ESS.. We had a good portion of the police renting at the facility I said we ran there and almost all were pretty friendly. Anytime we even had the hint of an issue I could text one and have a few show up within no time. Never had our CHL's while we lived there but never really cared since we knew everyone. 
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    We are near an outdoor shooting range - I think that might deter someone if they hear the bangs while considering anything.

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