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Should’ve Used a Storage Unit [Blog]

mjonesmjones NEUSstoragesearch-com Moderator
edited May 2017 in

Many people can agree that a storage unit can be a useful resource for those needing some additional space to store belongings. Using self storage can help secure your treasured items that you don’t have room for at home, they can be a place to store those things you only need every-so-often, and mini storage can even help you stash away items for the long term.

Being aware of self storage also helps you spot when others could benefit from the extra room. That neighbor down the street with the RV in his driveway? He could use self storage. That family that puts the Griswolds out at Christmas each year? They better be using a storage facility. Lord Voldermort needing to secure his horcruxes? He should have used a storage unit.

You read that right. While real life people often use self storage, imagine how movie characters could benefit from self storage awareness too! Here are five movies where characters should have used a storage unit.


As we mentioned previously, one of the best examples of someone who could benefit from storage is He Who Must Not Be Named. Spoiler alert for those who don’t read or haven’t caught a film in the last decade, but at this point in the series, we all know Harry, Hermione, and Ron are in a desperate search for the horcruxes, items in which Tom Riddle has placed fractions of his soul in an attempt to defeat death.

In the end, they find them all. Sure, Voldemort thought he did a good job hiding them, but his hiding spots were somewhat obvious—a necklace marked with his famous ancestors symbol, the vault of his most dedicated follower, and Hogwarts, a wizarding school he loved. The Golden Trio, heck- even Dumbledore, would have never expected The Dark Lord to use the Muggle-invention of a storage facility. Using advanced security features such as individually-alarmed units and on-site management, or maybe an alohomora-proof lock would ensure the safety of his horcruxes and souls. Sure, that means he takes over the wizarding world, but at least they wouldn’t be so secretive anymore. Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter…


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