Is there no Contents Report/Tax Reports????

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Sitelink tech support has been absolutely no help since their big merge with Sparefoot so I'm reaching out here. 

One of our properties in Texas is primarily boat/rv storage. In Texas we are required to charge a sales tax on vehicles. As I'm doing an audit, to be sure we are charging tenants tax that need tax I am wanting to print a report showing the contents of each space. I can't seem to find one. I have the license/vehicle description also entered, and do not see a report for that either. I would prefer having a contents report. 

There is also no report for customers who are charged tax. I have some tenants with multiple units. One for Misc Items, one for vehicle storage. If I apply Tax Exempt to their accounts then it disables tax for all of their units and not just individual units so that will not work. Because of this, I have been adjusting the ledger settings (Never Charge Tax) based on what they are storing. 

Does anyone have any advice for getting these reports, or organizing our books in a way that make it easy to access contents/tax. I've created an excel spreadsheet to keep up with this. However, it is a pain having to constantly update it with new tenants in Sitelink, and then in the spreadsheet. Double the work! 


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    The only report I know to show contents is the Marketing report, but as you probably know that only shows the number/percentage not which unit.  Maybe a custom report could be created? 

    Regarding the tax, that sounds like a big headache, sorry.

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