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Predefined Messages Emails

Is there a way to add letters or form emails to the Predefined Messages, or is this a higher function for the RM's and such?


  • GoodteamGoodteam FLRegistered User
    Yes, you can go to set up and go to emails or letters.  You can go to set up and letters, add a letter and save as new form.  I will usually go to a current letter and just revamp it to say what I want to say and then do a save as new form.  Or you can click on add and just write a new letter. 

    You can add a new email by going to set up, email, add (whatever you want it to say), okay, fill in subject and then fill in body of email, click okay, click okay.  It's very simple.

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  • jhopkins6977jhopkins6977 AZRegistered User
    Thanks for the help, just don't have the correct security level. I will pass it on.
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