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Speed Bumps: Plastic or Rubber?

I know this is mostly for SiteLink questions; however, I want to know what everyone else thinks about this. I will be installing speed bumps throughout my property because speed limit signs both on buildings and the asphalt seem to be invisible to my tenants. I have regular and RV tenants and I've GOT to slow people down. I have one rubber bump we installed probably 7 years ago and it's seen better days but still working. What do guys think, continue with the rubber or go with the recycled plastic? Thoughts?

Best Answer

  • themagethemage OR ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    I was going to say stick with the rubber ones, but after looking at some of the plastic ones, they might be really good.

    If the places you will install speed bumps are flat, I would say go with plastic. The color is more or less permanent and some have a lifetime warranty. Just make sure they are the solid (not  hollow) ones.

    If the area is not very flat, the rubber ones will work better, as they conform to the surface better.

    Just a side note: we have asphalt speed bumps built in and one of our tenants has a very heavy truck. As a result, one of our speed bumps is pretty much flat now, after 2 years. I'll probably be looking at replacing it soon.
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