Discount Battery Cover For Iphone

Battery cover Housing Back door replacement iPhone 6 Plus
ColorSpace Gray, Silver, Gold
Quality optionoriginal, High Copy
Compatible modelA1549, A1586, A1589
Package optionPaper box, Bubble bag or customized package
WarrantyLife time warranty
RemarkNo Scratch, No color difference.
Blank housing or with small parts optional
Why Choose ELECRAZY?
1.All products will be tested before shipping, with special instruments or main boards to ensure it is working.
2.Life time warranty for the products
3.Multiple choice for product quality and package
How to change the back housing of iPhone 6 Plus?
1.Pentalobe Screws
2.Open the LCD
3.Remove the screw and battery connector bracket
4.Remove the LCD
5.Remove the Battery
6.Remove the Camera
7.Remove other flex cables and small parts
8.Rear case remains.Discount Battery Cover For Iphone

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