China Wifi RF Controlled Smart Switch manufacturers

鈼?Our History
Located in Yueqing city, a world-renowned electronic component manufacturing base, Heirsun gains large technology and social resources in the connatural environment. After decade of traditional experience in traditional switches and controllers, Heirsun decided to step into a new era, smart switch, in 2016. At the beginning, we only have the basic smart switch, but now our product line is wonderful enough, ranging from wifi wall switch, wifi socket series to wifi bulbs. After years of traditional business mode, we started the business in the Alibaba platform ( in 2018 to serve more people. We managed to export our products all around the world and win high reputation among our customers under years鈥?effort.
鈼?Our Factory
Originated from factory over decades, Heirsun has strong experience in production management, which enables to promise lead time even in busy season, guarantee the product quality and even make quick response to customer鈥檚 OEM project adjustment. Possessing 3 seperated and completed production line, Heirsun is able to arrange the production schedule flexibly. And Heirsun promise to take 100% full inspection to each single item before being packed.
鈼?Our Mission
There is only one mission of each Heirsun members that is spending their whole energy to continuously providing customers competitive and customer-preferred products no matter in the past or in the future time. We think before customer鈥檚 thinking, move before customer鈥檚 action.
鈼?Main Product
Smart plug & socket
Smart wall switch
Smart bulbChina Wifi RF Controlled Smart Switch manufacturers

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