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So Tired of People! How do you deal with burn out?

sonyawiprudsonyawiprud CARegistered User ✭✭✭
It seems like we have had so many stupid people over the past 3 months, I can barely handle it anymore. I have a woman who's CC on auto pay was about to expire, I sent out the expiration notice 30 days in advance, through USPS and emailed it. All throughout that month I sent more reminders, and left messages for her. When she finally called 60 days later to update her card she had two fees. She said "I don't check my mail very often, and that's not a good e-mail for me anymore, so I shouldn't have to pay fees". 
A guy put all of his unwanted stuff in an empty RV space (which is rented but the truck was out for the day). When we addressed him, he said he didn't see the sign, nor the chain across the site (he literally moved the chain). We sent him a termination of rental agreement notice and he claimed we were in violation of the ADA rules since we purposely forced him to take an upstairs unit, and went on to let us know all of the violations he can sue us for. 
This man chose this unit, even though he needs a scooter to get around, and knows we only have cargo lifts (we allow him to ride up in them). We gave in and rescinded the termination. 
A man came in one day like a bulldozer screaming that we charged him for two months but he vacated two months ago, I explained that we cannot possibly know he vacated,  if he leaves his lock on and doesn't put in a vacate notice, he proceeded to push everything off of my desk, I called the police but he was gone by the time they arrived. We refunded his two months rent. 
The tales go on and on..............getting sick of it. 
At least it feels good to vent here. 


  • OrkoceanOrkocean CARegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    I know you don't need answers and are just venting but these would be my responses to those people. And at least it's just customers, those are no biggie to me, it's dealing with internal issues in the company that drive me to want to leave.

    1. ma'am it's a requirement to keep your contact info updated, we tried numerous times to reach out to you Nothing will be waived

    2. Sir you have a $... amount dumping fee on your account. Should you wish to stay a tenant you will have to pay this fee as well.

    3. Sir to move out it must be clean, empty, no lock. As long as your lock is on the unit you are legally occupying the space.
  • MamaDuke7MamaDuke7 CARegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭
    I do have my moments when I'm totally done "peopling" and just need a break.

    But when push comes to shove, I can't imagine doing anything else!
  • CVSSSTORAGECVSSSTORAGE CARegistered User, Daily Operations Certified ✭✭✭✭
    I am just like @Orkocean the internal stuff drives me insane. I am used to dumb customers. 
  • i43storagei43storage WIRegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    When all else fails, @sonyawiprud - just repeat these three words ... God loves them.  Then hit the sauce. B)
    Jean Marie
    I-43 Storage
  • teamcapitolateamcapitola CARegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭

    I had some guy literally Bounce a Discover Credit Card off of my forehead because we don't take them. He wasn't even the tenant; the ex husband of a past due tenant who was ordered by the court to pay her bill!

    I guess as long as the ratio of "Good" customers vs. "Crackheads" stays at an acceptable level I'll be ok.

    Some of the Crackheads can be entertaining though....

  • CVSSSTORAGECVSSSTORAGE CARegistered User, Daily Operations Certified ✭✭✭✭
    we had a break in at the end of October, they cut a bunch of padlocks and emptied boxes and made a mess. Well I have a tenant here who does not wish to be contacted by us over the phone so we sent him a letter with the case number and all the details. He comes in yesterday and is screaming at me he was not notified sooner. I said well sir we have no working number for you. He said I removed all of my numbers due to the fact that you would call me on the day before my bill was late instead of when it was actually late. I said well you can be asked to be taken off of curtesy calls and he said well I do not want my phone number in any computer due to not wanting spam calls. I said well we can put your number in your paper file and he said no I do not want you guys to have it PERIOD! I said sir you have a po box, you refuse to give us your number or email how do we get a hold of you? He said we should have immediately sent a letter two day mail and that if we wanted him to know we would have made sure he was found... and then started talking about all the priceless items he was missing even though we have the people leaving on camera with nothing big in their hands  
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