Need Help with Moving Tenants In

kohlhitt Unconfirmed, Registered User
Hello- New owner here and unfortunately I couldn't be less tech savvy. I need some guidance on how to move tenants in that have reserved units. I want it to be easy for them to enter their credit card information online and esign the rental agreement and insurance waiver. Do I need to just manually enter all their information into SiteLink? Any information or insight would be appreciated.


  • blakejosh
    blakejosh Registered User
    yep, it depends on the platform that you use.
  • madurdar
    madurdar Registered User
    edited June 2021
    Talk to them and see what suits them best. Moving in is quite stressful, and they might not even know what they need. But it would help if you have a to do list before they move in and help them organize all the papers beforehand. When my family was moving new house, it wasn't very pleasant because everything was my responsibility. I had to know everything, who packs who unpacks, the delivery company, contracts, papers, kids. It was a complete disaster. Thanks God we did not have the dog back then!

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