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sitelink demands $800 for tech support in order for me to access my sitelink stand alone edition

riptorenriptoren ORRegistered User
I bought the stand alone edition 7 yrs ago with 6 months of tech support. I had to replace my computer a month ago and after re-installing sitelink and entering all my tenant data, the next day I tried to sign in and get a message that I had to register sitelink in order to conduct my business. I call the number and explain my situation to them and ask for a registration number. I was told that in order for me to receive a registration number I had to pay $800.00 for 1 yr of tech support!  WHY do I need tech support? I paid $2000 seven years ago and for seven years, not once did I need tech support.  well, I cant do any business and cant access any information on my tenants. This is a form of extortion. Sitelink has hi jacked my business and wants 800.00 for a service I don't need and didn't ask for.


  • StorageinasnappStorageinasnapp ARRegistered User ✭✭✭
  • RobynRobyn ORRegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified ✭✭✭
    When I purchased SiteLink 2 years ago they clearly told me that tech support was EXTRA if you had the standalone version.  They also stated that this also included updates, which would need to be done occasionally.  If you have had your system for 7 years, I don't think it's unreasonable to pay an extra $800.00 for another 7 years. 
  • akangasakangas GARegistered User ✭✭
    If it gets updates, it is not stand alone
    Adam Kangas
  • i43storagei43storage WIRegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    akangas said:
    If it gets updates, it is not stand alone

    When I started out with stand alone, they mailed the updates to us on a disc.
    Jean Marie
    I-43 Storage
  • GregoryGregory MTRegistered User
    I feel your pain.  I knew this was going to happen so I began planning for the transition.  I figured I would pay the year of tech support.  When I contacted Sitelink I was actully told they no longer offered the stand alone version and I would have to purchase the web edition.  It is a good program but I think it is overpriced for smaller organizations, particularly if you want to add the website.
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