How to handle people that do not want to pay rent of storage unit because of covid 19?

Should there be proof of loss of wages or layoff papers? What would be acceptable forms?  New to this forum.
 Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • LauraD
    LauraD Registered User
    Thank you for your advice. I do work with a lot of my customers already that usually pay.

  • DrakeHeyman
    DrakeHeyman Registered User
    edited June 2021
    I used to work, before the pandemic, with my five people in the company, in a house. At the second level, was our offices and the first a family who rented us the house. I got so disappointed in people before the pandemic had started; we had no sales in our business, everything was on pause. I told them that we couldn't pay for the rent this month; it was in April, so we wondered if they would be willing to wait.  They weren't keen, and we started working remotely. It was the best decision ever. We also work remotely, but we needed a business address to rent a virtual office from osdoro. Now I meet with my team at their houses or in a restaurant to drink beer and discuss further business plans.

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