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Rusty sliders - Looking for these particular types.

donnaqdonnaq NJRegistered User
I have about 750 drive-up units that have 2 different type sliders.  One slider hugs the barrel of my door and the other goes between the ridges.  These are Trachte doors and we use their cylinder locks.  Over the years, they have decided to discontinue the specific sliders that we use and not offer an alternative that fit our doors.   Unfortunately, we were not notified of this discontinuation and we threw out the old rusty sliders.  About 4 years ago, we had our entire facility repainted, doors and buildings.  I am looking for extra sliders that will fit my doors.  I have purchased new sliders thru Chateau, but they are not the same size and some will not use our locks.  If anyone has any extra sliders, even rusty ones, please let me know.  I ended up having to have my barrel type slider powder coated in order to use them again.  I really need extra ones that I can take off and have coated. 
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