Need suggestions on shipping container rental

Hey guys,

My friend, who is an entrepreneur in Toronto, told me that to save cash flow and save credit, renting a container may be the best alternative at a fair monthly cost. And the monthly rental fee can be billed as a project cost, that allows maintaining short-term cash flow. He leased four Containers from a shipping container rental in Toronto at an affordable price.

He also told me that entrepreneurs could get multiple tax benefits from leasing a shipping container instead of purchasing one as an asset because the duty circumstance may make the rent classified as a deductible cost. 
If this possible it would be of great help to my business. I need more information on this.


  • Sarah
    Sarah Registered User ✭✭
    My second location does the mobile storage with sea cans - Please note we are in Canada (Vancouver Island).
    What would you like to know and I will be glad to help if I can.
  • Gellehaiak
    Gellehaiak Registered User
    edited July 2021
    This is useful when you are moving a large cargo or ordering a large parcel. I have a friend, he's a miner, and he rented such a container a couple of times to transport a large batch of computer parts. But I've never bought anything so significant, and my small parcels come to me by mail. I wonder if it's possible to track such a container for sea transportation? I always keep track of my parcels through track package from china, and for such expensive things, there must be tracking. And for business, I think it'll be more profitable to rent containers if you don't transport goods in them regularly.

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