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How Do They Find You?

I was watching "The Four Operator Imperatives" today, and Mr. Barragan spoke about the current rising trend of Online/Automated reservations and move ins. I began to wonder how each area sees move ins actually happen. Could this really be because of Covid? I live in a quickly growing rural area, and about %30 of my new move ins reserve a unit online, and about half that ask to actually rent the unit online(as well as filling out forms and e-signing them), as opposed to only having the option to pay online. %30+ of my total customers pay online at our website. Most of my customers still start out as actual walk ins who have called the other storage facilities in the area, and have chosen to go with mine, due to price or security reasons, OR they just see the street sign and actually just walk in. So my question is this; This year in 2020, are you seeing more customers come to you through online or automated systems v/s old school walk ins, and what method are they using? And please, in the comment section, add what type of area you live in, rural, suburban, or urban. Thanks everybody~!

How Do They Find You? 6 votes

Automated Kiosk Reservations/Move Ins
0% 0 votes
Website Reservations/Move Ins
16% 1 vote
Email Reservations/Move Ins
0% 0 votes
Word of Mouth/Customer Referral Walk Ins
0% 0 votes
Street/Curb Appeal Walk Ins
33% 2 votes
Call In Reservation from information online
33% 2 votes
Call In Reservation from newspaper/word of mouth/advertising
0% 0 votes
Previous Auction Winner Walk Ins
0% 0 votes
Other, please describe in comment section
16% 1 vote


  • ESSESS TXRegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2020
    Ours are mostly repeat & referral, curb appeal & location (we're the only facility located on the main highway that runs thru town), and the good ole Google. We don't do online rentals, but we do online reservations. However, it's thru SL so it's pretty tucked away on our, we've had 1 person reserve online. 
    Angela Reyes
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