Where is the water coming from?

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I'm looking for ideas on who you would call to help identify where water is coming into a NON Climate Control building. It is a 2 story building, 1st floor is Non CC, top floor is Climate Controlled.  There is a great deal of moisture in the downstairs building creating mildew (and the associated smells).   I am trying to determine WHERE the water is coming into the building from without tearing the place apart.  I've had AC techs out, and today a plumber is here investigating.  If you've had experience with this issue I'd value your input. 
Thanks and happy renting!


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    Warm, moist air will condense on cooler surfaces caused by the climate control. If you place your hand on a ceiling or wall near the issue, does it feel noticeably cooler than the air in the room? The cool surface could even be inside the walls or ceiling.

    Also, if the floors at ground level are concrete slab, moisture will wick up from the ground. We have had to shut down one of our units because of ground water seeping in.

    If it isn't a plumbing or rain issue, then the best fix is probably improved ventilation.
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    Thank you for your input.

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