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Hello guys! recently I've noticed a gloomy atmosphere around the forum so this is my small attempt at lightening the mood lol. what has been the most embarrassing moment you have had with a customer? I'll start: we are located in Alaska, so obviously we have a lot of snow around. I was showing this lady a couple of units upstairs (we both wore masks and were distancing) and when we started going down i tell her "be careful when coming down, we have safety strips but-" and you probably can imagine why i couldn't finish my sentence lol, i slipped and skipped half the stairs with my butt hahaha and since I'm a man with lots of meat some tenants came from the other hallway cause they heard a big sound, so needless to say i was red as a tomato with embarrassment lol 


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    I can't think of anything embarrassing I've done...yet. I'm sure the day will come though. I have a few stories of times I was embarrassed for my tenants tho!
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    Thinking a unit was completely cleaned out and ready to rent with no lock and a tag on the latch. I had not updated the move out to the "get ready" phase and when I opened the door to show it, was dirty and had cobwebs and dirt on the floor.....etc. I tried to be fast on my feet and immediately said, "As you can see we pride ourselves on renting clean/ready to go units". The prospective tenant just said two things to me, "I was waiting to see how you were going to explain this" and "Do you have another unit". 
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    @pacnwstorage that happened to me once, after coming from my days off a unit was listed as ready, but in reality was still wet from the paint and i had to apologize, luckily it was just the bottom of his shoe lol

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