iPad use with MyHub and e-sign

kmckee504 Registered User
Trying hard to get my team to utilize the new iPads we purchased a few months ago and it seems at this point to be more frustrating than anything.  Trying to eliminate paper and streamline the move-in process with the iPads but neither expectation is being met.  Anyone with some pointers on best practices using iPads/e-sign.  Even removing the block/popups etc only works for a few times and you have to refresh and restart as it loses connection with server too frequently.  HELP!  Thanks


  • storable_support
    storable_support Registered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @kmckee504. We recommend that you download Google Chrome and run myHub there, instead of using the native Apple Safari browser. Safari will work, but Chrome helps ensure a better experience. With regards to the popups you see, we'd love the opportunity to help you further with this. It seems like it might have to do with your local infrastructure, but we'd need to ask you a few questions in order to be sure. Would you mind giving us a call? We'd be able to diagnose this relatively quickly! 919-865-0789, Option 2 Thanks, in advance! ~Amy C.

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