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Ok this is the first time I have tried to post since the new design and I'm not even sure if I'm doing it right.  Anyway, recently there were some discussions on rodent control which I can't find right now so forgive me if I am reworking something already answered.  We have only outdoor units, for those of you who put bait traps out how often do you place them? Every unit?  Indoor? Outdoor? Both.  Does company supply?  I was considering trying to place outside of units but not sure how often to place and encourage tenants to keep inside traps if they would like.  How are you doing this and how happy are you with your results.



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    We put them at the ends of each building and about every 150ft going down the sides of buildings, but only around the parameter of the facility, so nothing is placed on the inside rows/driveways. Our company has our their own, but can be rented by pest control. On the bar, there are 3 bait packs placed. We encourage tenants to treat their own units but will offer a bait pack or sticky trap, as a courtesy, while reminding them we have no access to their units and can only treat the property. Pest control comes out bi-monthly, but we also spray and refill bait boxes if needed. You can have bait-overkill so I wouldn't place too many in one area, they will just go to waste or as pest control told us "When the rodents communicate to the others not to eat the bags because they're killing them, they will stop eating from them"....and that's when you'll be stuck switching bait formulas. 

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