Sitelink, TWILIO SMS received

Jim0623 Registered User ✭✭

My company uses Twilio for SMS within Sitelink and we love it. One thing though, why is it not an option to receive texts and have them saved within the tenant notes? I know other companies that cost much more to text have this feature, so it has to be able to be implemented with twilio somehow. Anyone have any advice on this?


  • BusyProperties
    BusyProperties Registered User ✭✭✭
    I am not familiar with Twilio but we have three locations (around 650 units) & use SMS Resources. Our bill is around $20 a month and it saves to the tenant notes and sends an email for record. 
  • selfstoragelumberton
    selfstoragelumberton Registered User
    Our company also uses Twillo, and the tenant reply's would be great to save to the account automatically. We copy and paste the reply. We have also used SMS Resources in the past, then all of a sudden the messages stop saving to the accounts. Several times we tried to contact  SMS Resources about the problem and they could not resolve the issue.

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