Refund Amount Discrepancy

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#1 I always recommend that facilities don't issue refunds due to employee fraud possibilities and the fact that SL refund figures are often hard to understand from the Refund Receipt.  I always do the refunds myself and always verify the figures with written or calculator figures. 
#2 We started issuing the refunds on card: customers prefer it, eliminates processing check & mailing and honestly there are quite a few customers that I don't want to have my routing & account number. We have refundable deposit & prorate. Require 5 day notice. If no notice we adjust the refund for 5 days rent.
That being said I processed a refund on a card without double checking the figures. 
Tenant had two units.  Paid for both on auto pay 6/1/2020.  Vacated a unit on 6/4.  I applied the refund (106.20) to the remaining unit.  Vacated the 2nd unit 6/17.
These are the figures from the SL Refund Receipt:
Refunds Due: Rent $106.20
                      Deposit $85.00
                  Subtotal Due $191.20
Refunds Paid: Rent -28.00  Applied Refund (5 day notice amount)
                      Rent -78.20 American Express  (June prorated amount)
                      Deposit -85.00 American Express
                Subtotal Paid $191.20
The refund on the American Express card was processed for $163.20

My calculations (after the fact) Refund: Deposit                        $85.00
                                                            June Prorate                 $78.20
                                                            Credit from other unit $106.20
                                                            Sub-total                     $269.40
                                                            5 day rent no notice     -28.00
                                                            Total Refund                 $241.40

Anyone bored enough to check my math!  LOL The difference is $78.20.  I checked both of the ledgers in moved out accounts and neither shows a refund due.  The fee for no notice I put in Adjustments -"Damages/Repairs". I have noticed that I am no longer able to check the box that says Apply Security Deposit to Remaining Charges. 
Thanks for any help! 


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