Vehicles Stored With Expired registration/plates

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We store cars, RVs, boats, trailers, and campers.  We require registration and insurance docs at lease signing.  We currently have two RVs with expired plates . . . one with plates that are five years overdue.  Both tenants pay there rent on time using autopay.  What process do you use to ensure a vehicle's registration remains current?  Checking to see if this creates a legal liability for us for storing vehicles with expired expiration in FL.


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    Contact them via email, mail, and phone letting them know you need their updated information. Tell them they have 30 days to return it to you or you will have to choose to not renew their lease for the next month. If your rental agreement allows, tell them they don't even need to come up there, they can snap a pic with their phone and email it to you. If they don't respond at all, turn off autopay and disable web access. Usually tenants will call your bluff. Send them the late notices advise them you will not process their autopay until they provide the required documents.

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