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Right now we are doing a move in special $1.00 move in with the 2nd month prepaid, everything goes smoothly, unless the tenant wants to transfer units, then the 1.00 won't transfer and wants to send out an invoice for the 1.00, when I delete the invoice it removes the Discount, I need to know how to fix the issues with the 1.00 not transferring and how to keep the discount on when I have to delete an invoice

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  • lhill
    lhill Registered User ✭✭
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    @SueM I saw your post a few weeks ago, and I remembered it yesterday. We are currently making some changes to our Invoicing process and I was running some tests to ensure everything would work the way we needed it to after rolling it out.

    I tested it with a move in special similar to the one you discribed above, but I didn't have the same issue. Are you still having that issue?


  • storable_support
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    Hi, @SueM. To make sure we provide you with the most actionable advice, we recommend that you give a call to Support - 919-865-0789, Option 2. However, you can also manually move the tenant out of the original unit and into the desired unit with the desired discount. ~Amy C.
  • SueM
    SueM Registered User
    It is all working right, thank you for reaching out!

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