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Dealing with my first ever Disputed Payment.  Very complicated situation but I felt the documentation I uploaded including a summary, my notes from Sitelink of customer conversation and the wording from our Rental Agreement it would be ok.  NO the Retrieval/Chargeback Department said it is up to me to prove the tenant didn't cancel the autopay.  The dispute was for July 1 payment.  They finally vacated on 8/5. I am afraid they will also dispute the August 1 payment.  My documentation states if the lock is still on the unit &/or items in the unit the charges will continue.  A CSR today did say if I sent my gate access records it might be reversed.  It was really a "domestic issue" where the tenant (man) was telling his "partner" that he had moved everything out.  So she was mad & calling when the payments were processed.  Wouldn't listen when I told her the lock was still on the unit and he hadn't been there.  Crazy people!


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    Do you have an auto-billing addendum for the tenant to sign? We have the tenant sign and date an "automatic payment form" that states that the tenant must notify us in writing 30 days prior to the next charge date to cancel the auto payment or they will be charged.

    In practice we use our "7 day notice" rule and turn off auto-billing as long as they give notice.

    The only chargeback we've had involved a tenant having his mother call in a payment using her C/C …turns out mom was not entirely in charge of her own finance; another sibling initiated the chargeback (because the tenant was using money in a trust to pay his rent)

    We totally lost. uploaded everything including the call logs, and still had to write off the amount. It was considered a fraudulent charge even though the card holder initiated the payment.
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    Chargebacks suck, they make me really mad...but it's a part of the cost of accepting credit cards as a form of payment. 

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