How to do refund on cc that we don't have on file for a prepaid unit that is no longer needed?


  • storable_support
    storable_support Registered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi, @amills.

    If your processor allows it and you have full access rights to these features, you can:
    • Adjust the Ledger / move-in date back a day before the first charge
    • Move out and back-date it to the adjusted date above
    • Issue refund using full card details from the customer
    Another option would be to issue the refund from your virtual terminal (provided one exists and you have access, etc), then reverse the payment in SiteLink from NSF/Payment Reversal feature.

    Support would be happy to walk you through either option! 919-865-0789, Option 2

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