senior/military discount

Is the senior/military discount only available for use during move in?  Or is it used for every payment?  If it is for reoccurring payments, how is it applied?


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    You would determine that in your setup. When you get into discount plans in Setup, select "All Screens" under Use For, so it's not limited to move-ins only or payment screen only. You can also select Never Expires and when you choose it in the tenants Edit Charges and Payments, it will automatically add it for you each month, if it is setup to be non-expiring. 
    Edit to add: When chosen as Non-Expiring, it does technically change the tenant's Rent when you look at their Payment screen.
  • Michelle143
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    Is there anyway to not have it change the tenants rate?
  • ChrisRobinson
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    Is there anyway to not have it change the tenants rate?
    I mean TECHNICALLY if you wanted to give the tenant a military discount while keeping it at the same amount. Place the discount on their account, click the "Make future charges" button in the payment screen, find out how much it has reduced it by, compensate for the % decrease of your math, and BOOM. The reason you would do that is if you plan on doing a price change soon to bring tenants under your standard rental rates closer to your target price, you can toggle on the "exclude tenants with non-expiring discounts under the Tenant rate management tool under the company tab. that will exclude them from your price increase and you will be good to go, adjust accordingly after that. Hope it helped <3

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