Auctioning an almost empty unit

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 Operating under Florida statutes our auction process is 75 days long from the first late notice to the actual auction.  Multiple action/notification steps occur throughout the process.  At day 45 we cut the lock and take pictures, giving us the first opportunity to see the unit’s contents.  Depending on the unit’s rent and the fees added up to day 45 there can by a substantial amount owed.  Currently with a tenant in a 10x10 whose unpaid rent and fees is over $400.  There are five items in the unit . . . chest of drawers, two dinette chair and two area rugs.  Maybe at best around $50 at auction.  Can you see any other solutions than to continue to auction?  By the way at this point we lost contact with the tenant, i.e., calls, texts, emails are not returned; and certified mail is returned undeliverable.  Thanks.



  • MamaDuke7
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    Unfortunately, continue to auction.
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    I'm with MamaDuke.  Complete the auction. In North Carolina we can transfer items do another space before we set up the auction.  We had a 10x20 (which we needed) with a handful of items, we were able to move them to a 10x10 (plenty of) and secure it.  I'm not sure if Florida allows this.  Could be an option if they do. 
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    The chest of drawers alone might fetch a hundred or more, depending on whose there.

    For us here in Northern California, we have two options depending on what we find in units when we cut the lock to inventory for an auction. Obviously if a unit is full or has a fair amount of stuff in it, we will auction it. If we feel like the contents wouldn't entice auction buyers to bid anything, or if the contents are just garbage, or there is very little in a large unit (and we can turn that unit around to get rented quickly), we will charge hefty clean up fees, process the move out and then send the tenant immediately to collections.
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    I hate when this happens!! With how full everyone is, it stinks having to sit on a unit that's clearly  been abandoned , What we do is.. We have a form within sitelink called an abandonment form.. I usually have pretty decent luck getting them to fill it out. If you can't get a hold of them though auction is unfortunately the only way. 

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