Days to honor reservation

BusyProperties Registered User ✭✭✭
Currently the website that we will honor a reservation for 7 days. I have changed the defaults within the software to 3 days, how do I get the sitelink portion of the website updated? 


  • Starkey
    Starkey Registered User ✭✭
    Hi there,
     When we have issues like this we have to contact our website developer or have our "corporate" change it, they they contact whom ever has to make the changes. I know that isnt a lot of info, but that is how I have to manage it.
  • BusyProperties
    BusyProperties Registered User ✭✭✭
    Our IT guy said he didn't have access to it. I updated it in the corporate control center already for all locations. Thank you for the help! 

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