The OpenEdge Platform

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The OpenEdge Platform

The OpenEdge platform delivers payment innovations to support new technologies and allow for the creation of third-party custom software solutions. OpenEdge's platform incorporates the best aspects of the industry-leading Innovo and XCharge platforms. While processors offer payments tied to antiquated platforms designed to support stand-alone systems, the OpenEdge platform can handle custom, scalable payment solution integration – ready for the swiftly shifting ways consumers pay for goods and services:

  • Apple Pay, Mobile, Near Field Communication (NFC) and app-based payments
  • Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Security (tokenization, point-to-point encryption, signature capture, EMV)
  • Multi-platform software support (Windows Client, Linux, MacOS, APIs, Open Source Plugins, Mobile SDK, Cloud)

Through its visionary payment processing platform, OpenEdge helps third-party application developers incorporate payment innovations and thereby strengthen their competitive stance with payments and payment-related services, bolster customer loyalty with unique software functionality, and improve profitability. (Find out more!)


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