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I am pleased to hear that Sitelink/Storable is building in a gate access system.  Does anyone yet know if it will require new hardware, keypads, and wiring? Or maybe overlay an existing system?  We currently use PTI Cloud, which works very well, but can be a bit challenging when there is a problem.  Looking forward to see what SL comes up with...


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    Hi, @helenatim. Thank you so much for posting this question and allowing us this opportunity to chime in!

    We’re so glad you’re pleased about Storable Access Control coming to SiteLink. We believe that an industry-leading Access Control solution starts with operational efficiencies only made possible by embedding it directly into the daily workflows of the SiteLink Software you already know and love. :)

    While this does require the use of our hardware, we've priced it as affordably as possible to make it easy for operators to switch.

    Like you mentioned, we also know how much the success of your business centers on reliable and prompt support and are excited to offer you significant time savings through a single support team with expert knowledge to help troubleshoot any issues across the Storable Platform. In fact, the average wait-time for a client needing phone support from us is just one minute.  

    You can learn more about Storable Access Control for SiteLink Software here. 
  • igotthisnow
    igotthisnow Registered User ✭✭✭
    Well this is great news!!   It'll be interesting to hear the details.  

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