CRM Review Prior Processing Errors Reports

I recently ran a CRM with hundreds of emails and several dozen failed and I did not print the error report in time, so I am not sure which tenants did not receive the CRM email. Is there anyway to review a past error report, or quickly find which emails did not go through without looking through every individual tenant notes?


  • themage
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    I don't have one set up to play with right now, but in the CRM screen, aren't the failed ones still listed in the CRM Task, and the completed ones should be in the Reverse: (Task name here)?

    Otherwise, all I can think of is the Tenant Reports - Calls and notes, select 'only letters', Daily and the specific day. Still potentially a lot of info to look through, but easier than going into each account.
  • storable_support
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    Hi, @kaydus. SiteLink does not store the results/error page of processed events; if they are not printed at the time, they cannot be retrieved. Finding tenants who failed a previous CRM event is not easy and needs to be accomplished via a custom report. We'd be happy to walk you through this! Please let me know if I can have someone in Support contact you directly. ~Amy C.

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