Payment Receipts Problem

Not sure what happened or when, but the payment receipts are incorrect. I have not modified the original form, but the fields in the <Receipt.ItemsTable> are wrong. The two fields "Charge" and "Total" are exactly the same, when they should be "Charge" and "Balance"(or something similar, not sure of the exact field name).

This was just noticed today by one of my employees and it's very confusing. For example: we have a tenant that has been sending in checks for strange amounts. So there are pre-pays, partial payments, on rent. Last month the amount the tenant paid exceeded what was due, so $3.50 went to rent for this month. When the tenant paid rent for this month, the receipt shows $205 in the charge column, $205 in the total column, and $201.50 in the payment column. The only amount due was $201.50 - but the receipt makes it appear that the amount due was $205 (and the payment left a balance). Does that make sense?  The payment screen showed the correct balance due for this month, but the receipt does not.

Can you please fix this?


  • lhill
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    Hey @Yvette,

    I think there might be a little confusion about what each column means. It can be confusing because the columns in the Receipt mean different things from the columns in the Edit Charges & Payments window. On Receipts:
    • The Charge column is the total base Rent amount (no discount or tax) due for the month, regardless of whether or not any of it has been paid. This means that the rent charge for that month should always show $205 in the Charge column, whether the tenant paid for it all at once, or broke it up into smaller payments.
    • The Total column is the Charge amount - any discount + any applicable tax. [Charge - Discount + Tax = Total]. This is also the same regardless of whether or not any payment has been made toward it. The rent charge for that month should also always show $205 in the Total column, since it sounds like there is no discount or tax on the account.
    •  The Payment column is the total that the tenant paid toward that specific rental charge at the time they made the payment that generated the receipt. Since your tenant paid $3.50 toward this month's rent when they made their payment last month, only $201.50 was remaining when they made their payment this month, so the $201.50 payment they made this month to cover the balance showed up in Payment column. $201.50 was owed, $201.50 was paid. :smile:

    At the bottom of this month's receipt, you should see a "Total Applied to Account" row. Does that match the total amount that the tenant paid? Does the "Paid Thru" date on the receipt also match the tenant's Paid Thru date on their payment screen? If the answer to both of those is "yes" I think you're good to go!

    Hope that helps!
  • ESS
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    Our receipt shows the same. It is the actual charge, the tenant monthly rent and then payment is what is applied to the month listed to the side. You could change up your keywords to something like "Tenant.BalanceCurrent" if you'd it rather show what was due rather than the charge.
  • JulieAton
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    Be very careful about the paid to date.  If I remember correctly a partial payment will say paid to date (end of month or the tenants anniversary date) but show a balance.  I had tenants say the receipt says "Paid to xx/xx/20xx) so I thought it was paid in full. 

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