In California is there a legal time frame to request that a tenant update their contact info?

I have been researching online and even contacting other facilities but can't find a time limit to give to renters for updating their outdated address/ contact info. If there is not a legal time limit, is it up to the owner and can we put it in our lease?

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    I don't think there is a "time limit" anywhere, unless you have language specifically in your rental agreement.

    The Tenant is responsible to update that information, and the facility must use "the last known address" (e.g. address with a signature). If the tenant neglects to update their mailing address, it's not the responsibility of the facility to chase after them.

    We process prelien/liens to the "last known address" on file; if we know that they are in a "new" address (but they haven't signed an update) we'll also send a copy to that address as well...even though we don't have to.

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    @ANTELOPESTORAGE Our lease agreement includes a chunk where they agree to provide us (in writing - no phone call or voicemail!) updated contact information within 30 days of any changes. We always have tenants sign for their new contact information, whether it is a Change of Address form or a whole new lease.

    We have an eSignable Change of Address form that we can send out to them if they want to update their contact information but are unable to come into the office.

    And as @teamcapitola said above, we also process all lien-related notices to the "last known address" on file, or the most recently updated address from the tenant.

    Hope that helps!
    ANTELOPESTORAGE Registered User
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    Thank you so much!!!

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