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Hi We have several tenant here that have multiple units, they want to be able to make one payment for all the units instead of having to run their CC for every unit. Is there a way you can make this possible or is it already possible and I'm missing something. We have the units linked to each other under the tenant's name, but it won't let us take just one payment.

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  • SueM
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    Omgosh!! Thank you  :)
    MiBOXNJ Registered User ✭✭
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    you can change the allotted amount by unit if needed.


  • MamaDuke7
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    edited January 2022
    If they are linked together, at the top left be sure "All Units" is highlighted.  Then enter the payment amount for all units combined (this is the amount that will be shown when "All Units" is selected).  At the bottom you'll see it allotted to each unit correctly, and then you process as usual.  1 payment and done!

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